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Discover the CROARD product range…

… it is an innovative system which allows you to create your own products.

You will get everything you need from us. We will give you a step by step demonstration of how to go through the entireprocess. We have prepared an assembly kit for you. It contains the screws, squares, bits and drilling bits you need. It also includes a template for easy drilling and cutting of the boards.

You are familiar with the idea of DIY…excellent…choose CROARD.

You’re sure to find something to your liking…

…in addition to a broad selection of products, we offer three types of boards.
The choice is up to you:

  • Solid board – if you settle for this option, you choose a full-length 180 cm board that you have to cut, drill and then screw the finished product together independently.
  • Cut to size board – with this option, you buy a board cut to the required length; all you need to do is drill it and then screw the finished product together.
  •  Cut to size and drilled board – this is a variant that includes pre-cut and pre-drilled boards. To assemble the chosen product, all you need to do is screw all the parts together according to the included instructions.

All products are packed in cardboard boxes and include the necessary fittings and installation instructions.

Creative Board

You are familiar with the idea of DIY…excellent…choose CROARD.

Discover the CROARD product range…


Please get to know us better…

Croard is a series of products belonging to ANTE GROUP – a family company with a long-standing tradition. We have plants in Germany and Poland. Through modern technology and the potential for further processing, we can fulfil orders for both standard and customised products. We meet current market requirements with numerous international certifications, such as PEFC, DIN, CE, etc.

Wood production is our passion!

Sustainable development…

As a leading European manufacturer, we are fully aware of our special responsibility towards the environment and society. Sustainability is a broadly defined idea encompassing both environmental, social and economic aspects of corporate responsibility.

Our production processes are based on raw materials sourced from sustainable forestry and are consistently implemented using environmentally friendly methods. Our goal is to achieve economic success while protecting the environment for future generations.

It is a mission we take seriously!